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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Affordable Automobile Act of 2011

Have you heard about Obama's new car policy? Cars are getting way too expensive with all the EPA regulations, Union pensions, ect. So, Obama has decided to reform the Automotive Industry to where we will all be getting the new Chevy Zafira. Doesn't it look great?!

Just go to this website and put in your tax info and they will tell you how much you have to pay. If you live in some states like Louisiana, Florida, or Nebraska, you may have to pay even less than everyone else! It will be great! Oh, I forgot, in order to compensate the car companies for their lost profits, they will be subsidized and everyone will be required to buy one equivalent or better than the Zafira or you get fined. Don’t worry if you think this will cost too much for the government, they will just be taxing the rich a lot more and saving $500B in waste, fraud, and abuse in the Public Transit system. If you want a better car, don’t worry, they will still be available to those who can afford it. Since Obama still controls GM, he will be modifying their car line so that Cadillacs and anything over $40k are now $100k and anything under $30k is cancelled. Just to be fair, every other car maker in the US has to do the same with their lines. When asked where the government gets this power, he said “We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and what makes you happier than driving a new car?” How could you possibly be against this?

But this isn't the car industry, it is our healthcare system. I understand that healthcare costs are out of control and the current pre-existing condition situation is unacceptable. But the analogy above is a dead-on example of a heavy-handed, coercive, eastern-European style of governing. The healthcare system is not some faceless conglomerate to be manipulated and experimented with as Obama sees fit, it is made of real people who are working just as hard as everybody else to provide for their families. For example, 46% of doctors surveyed say that they will feel forced out of the profession if this law is enacted. And it is not limited to the healthcare system. The company where Obama pushed the stimulus package, Caterpillar, has estimated that it will cost them $100M in the first year alone of Obamacare. It doesn’t matter if you are apathetic or a yellow dog democrat, I hope we can agree that this is not how we should be governed and expect more from our leaders. After all, the only bi-partisan support was against the bill. This healthcare law does not equally benefit everyone, make our system more efficient, or increase the quality of care. It is full of special deals, government mandates, and simple economics prove it will lead to a shortage of care. We cannot leave it all up to the courts to contest its constitutionality, we must campaign to gain enough seats to repeal this law and replace it with a bi-partisan American solution that we can all support.


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